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Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, and Ascension Catalyst

Healing Your Body, Mind and Soul

Donna Lakes

Donna has been doing energy healings for over twenty years. Donna uses her intuition to identify your beliefs that are blocking you, in order to heal and change your life. Your perceptions will completely change and you will create a new relationship with yourself that is supportive and encouraging. You will come into self-acceptance, self-approval, and ultimately self-love. You will reclaim disassociated parts of yourself and become whole, perhaps for the first time in your life. Donna also helps you to reclaim your power in most cases for the first as well. She teaches you how to stay in your power and how to not give it away to others. She is most well-known from helping those with anxiety and depression, as well as those with auto-immune issues and other difficult diseases. She combines various energy techniques with her intuitive abilities and channeled wisdom. She works with people individually in private healing sessions and she also has leads guided meditations, group healings, and workshops all designed to help you create a new life for yourself and a new way of being. Donna is best known for inner child healing skills. Her unique healing style is not just focused on healing but also on the ascension process. Ascension is to go higher, lift up or go to the next level, to evolve. Mankind is in a new type of revolution at the moment. We are consciously awakening and evolving on a conscious level. There are changes occurring in medicine and the world is embracing a more holistic approach and realizing our diet is of much importance. We are realizing government, religion, education- our overall way of existing is in need of change. The old ways are no longer serving us and the change begins within each of us. As we ascend or evolve we are literally learning a new way of Being!             

The world outside us is the reflection of the world within. Donna assists people in healing their wounds and changing the way one perceives themselves, others and the world in general. She guides you into self-love and self-realization- guiding you to your power. Check out Donna’s workshops, support group, classes, or to set up an appointment with Donna or one of her team members go to www.donnalakes.com
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All healing services promote healing on all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

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Conscious Creating, Coming Home to Yourself, Intuitive Development, Exploring the Chakras, Stepping Into Your Power, Managing Your Energy, and Managing Your Energy For Kids.

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